Wednesday, August 7, 2013

What's Your Schedule: BTS Linky Party

Good Morning I've joined up with Simply 2nd Resources in a Back To School Linky Party. We are sharing our schedules for this year and ideas for what makes our schedule work. As we all know there aren't enough minutes in the day so we have to really make the most of each of them. Grab the button and link up!
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I teach in a building that is only 3-4th grade. We currently have 6 sections of each. But, we've had as many as 7. I will have 25 students (so far) residency night is Wednesday and Thursday so there could be some roster changes before then. I hope not too many because I wrote names on stuff last night! I could help it, all those supplies...just staring at me...begging me to put names on them. The simple pleasures of Back To School.

This is my schedule for this upcoming year. (Sorry for the iPad screen shot, still learning how to upload PDF to blog, first attempt was too large)
As you can see I am blessed to have 60 minutes of plan every day even more importantly at the SAME time every day. Our RtI will be a building wide focus. Last year it was fluency and students were grouped according to data and sent to other rooms for that 20 min. Organized chaos at its best. This year we will decide as a building based on our data from testing the year before or a focus we choose. This won't start until October.

I have 100 min. of ELA (reading, writing, spelling) time daily. I teach from a basal (Treasures) with a great mix of whole group instruction, mini lesson, and guided reading groups.

We teach one quarter of science and then one quarter of social studies. This time is fluid so if my ELA time runs over it often spills over into this time, so I work hard to make sure that I am teaching across the areas as often as possible.

Math warm up (25 min.) consists of fact fluency and spiral review. I have taught Saxon math before and loved the spiraling so that nothing is left behind. We have since been writing and rewriting our own curriculum to match Common Core so we teach more of a unit approach. This has meant a very purposeful look at how I spiral the review so nothing gets left behind. For new math lessons and investigations we have 70 minutes. I have taught math mainly whole group, but am very interested in teaching it in small groups. Stephanie over at Third Grade Thoughts has a great series on math rotations that I am just itching to try. 

After that the day is really just a downhill slide with recess leading right up to dismissal. 

I would love to hear about your schedule. 

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